"Understating Grief"


Grief (ˈgrēf )


deep sorrow, especially that caused by [something's] death.

INFORMAL: trouble or annoyance.



"Understating Grief" is a film photographic series exploring the expectation of simplifying grief for others to understand. 



The depths of this are still unknown. I feel so much, but it’s hard for me to explain. I know that I feel. I feel a sense of peace, of relief. I’ll let that feeling stay with me (as if I have control.) 

But the gravity of this loss is not something I can explain, nor do I want to. Its a loss I wish would be understood. For I am peering through the mist. I’m still carrying a part of it, a piece of that memory, a piece of that person, that place, that part of me. 

It’s less heavy these days, but it’s still here. It can’t always be seen. The heart is moving and growing, and sometimes shrinking and running. But it’s alive. 

That’s enough. 

I wish you’d stop and listen. That’s all I need form you. Let me be Job. All I need is for you to be. 

that's enough

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