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"Still Here" - lenticular print

$40.00 USD

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Still Here, 2022

5x7 Lenticular Print

Limited run of 5

A lenticular print is a type of print that by viewing the image from various angles, the image changes as you look at it. On a shelf, pinned onto the fridge, framed up nicely, however you choose to display it, it will get so much better the more you look at it from different angles. 


I'm well aware of the ever-present rising costs of life. 

With thought, and inspiration from others, I've decided to implement a sliding scale on all of my pieces. 

The lowest option will always be the rough estimate of production cost (rounded to the nearest dollar.) The middle will be a simple doubling of production costs to help offset future projects/pieces. The top is what the piece is truly valued at (both in my heart and my support system telling me because they know what's up.)

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